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World and Press - May 1 2019

  • International relations: Italy’s deal with China signals a shift as U.S. influence recedes (+ Übungsmaterial)
  • Opinion: Brexit is breaking the mould (+ Übungsmaterial)
  • Agritech: Farm labs that grow crops indoors race to transform future of food
  • Abortion debate: America’s deep divisions on display  (+ Audio, Übungsmaterial)
  • Young people: A 13-year-old turns soccer pro and signs with Nike (+ Audio)
  • History: Anglo-Saxons rebranded as migrant success story (+ Audio)
  • Technology: Most Britons shun digital assistants over spying fears (+ Audio, Übungsmaterial)
  • Fast fashion: ‘Don’t feed the monster!’ (+ Audio, Übungsmaterial)
  • India: Making history by entering a holy shrine
  • Europe: Joining forces to give Europe its own army
  • Canada: Foreign tech talent is looking north of the US border
  • Renewable energy: Next money ‘crop’ for farmer? Solar panels.
  • Cheerleaders: At Wisconsin high school, accusations of body shaming
  • Gentrification: Fuelled by inequality’s rise
  • Stonehenge: Pillars were carried 230km over land
  • Art: Discovery of protective signs in cave
  • History: 215 years ago the Lewis and Clark Expedition set out across America
  • Language: British lawyers call for guidance on interpreting emoji

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