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World and Press - October 2 2019

  • Donald Trump faces a storm of his own making (+ Übungsmaterial)
  • Globalisation as we know it will not survive Trump (+ Übungsmaterial)
  • Why the UK Supreme Court’s decision is remarkable
  • Iowa fair can make or break a candidate
  • As downtowns prosper, voters ask: what about my area?
  • Market Harborough reveals the key to being ‘liveable’
  • Meteorite was smash hit in Scotland
  • Brexit is sending students packing
  • Soldiers go to war with gangs in Cape Town’s deadly ghettos
  • Popular European destinations want fewer tourists (+ Übungsmaterial)
  • The $20bn plan to power Singapore with Australian solar
  • ‘Brotox’ for men having a mid-life job crisis
  • The shale revolution
  • For libraries and archives, a decline in cursive handwriting could spell trouble (+ Übungsmaterial)
  • In the age of audiobooks, they want to be the voices in your head
  • Eat less meat to save the Earth, urges UN (+ Phase6-Vokabeltrainer)
  • Novices banned from Everest after 11 climbers die in one year (+ Phase6-Vokabeltrainer)
  • Toni Morrison passes at 88
  • Pubs find they can’t compete with Netflix

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