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World and Press - February 1 2020

  • USA: A volatile president with few restraints and growing power
  • Opinion: The future of capitalism (+ Übungsmaterial)
  • Australia: Saving the fire victims who cannot flee
  • Journalism: When the student newspaper is the only daily paper in town
  • Immigrants: What happens if the Supreme Court upholds ending DACA? (+ Übungsmaterial)
  • Channel islands: Islanders laugh off ‘crime wave’ on idyllic Sark (+ Audio, Übungsmaterial)
  • Language: A lesson in Queen’s English – from the monarch herself
  • Colonialism: Pressure grows on Britain to return its last African colony (+ Audio)
  • Canada: The reawakening of Quebec’s nationalism
  • Hong Kong: Activists see salvation in British citizenship
  • Energy: Cornish homes take part in trial to supply clean power to grid (+ Audio, Übungsmaterial)
  • Technology: AI to predict if you want fries with that burger
  • Tourism: Why visitors flock to sites of tragedy (+ Audio)
  • Wildlife: ‘These are working cats’ (+ Audio)
  • Movers and shakers: Lewis Capaldi
  • History: Our Magna Carta isn’t for sale … yet
  • Science: Idris elba could keep an invasive California stink bug in check
  • Book world: ‘Agent Running in the Field’ by John le Carré
  • American football: Half-tonne college mascot is put out to grass

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