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World and Press - June 2 2019

  • Election: A fractured parliament may be just what the EU needs
  • Opinion: Britain has to face its complex past (+ Übungsmaterial)
  • Acting: California woman brings Shakespeare to the homeless (+ Übungsmaterial)
  • African Americans: ‘Harvard’s exploiting my slave ancestors’  (+ Phase6-Vokabeltrainer)
  • Society: American teenagers leading the global lying league
  • Electoral system: Why the U.S. keeps debating how it elects its president (+ Übungsmaterial)
  • Climate: Britain could run short of water by 2050, official says (+ Phase6-Vokabeltrainer)
  • Britain: Rough sleepers to be offered stab-proof coats
  • Trends: ‘Trendy’ shooting clubs drive demand for assault weapons
  • Society: How to understand the debate over transgender rights
  • EU immigration: Niger bears brunt as migrant exodus goes into reverse
  • Trade: US-Mexico border dispute could make avocado toast
  • Videos: World’s las Blockbuster is in wilds of Oregon
  • Interview: Mark Getty
  • Opinion: Football players are ready to confront racism
  • India: Women driving change – and trains
  • Drought: States sign deal to conserve Colorado River water
  • Climate change: Great Barrier Reef at risk of failing due to global warming
  • Wildlife: Bald eagles are dumping trash on Seattle suburbs
  • Culture: New York’s Museum of the Dog

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