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Read On - June 2019

  • FOOD WASTE: Britain wants to stop wasting food (+ Übungsmaterial + Audio)
  • PHILOSOPHY: Stoicism: from an ancient porch to the Silicon Valley (+ Übungsmaterial + Audio)
  • SPORT: Tiger Woods, the comeback kid
  • QUESTION TIME: Where did golf originate?
  • LIBRARIES: Celebrating handwriting in the digital age (+ Übungsmaterial + Audio)
  • NATIONAL PARKS: Using California’s national parks to farm illegal pot (+ Übungsmaterial + Audio)
  • TRENDS: Electric scooter craze in American cities (+ Übungsmaterial + Audio)
  • LITERATURE: Short story stations dispense words of wisdom, wit and whodunnits
  • ENVIRONMENT: Fly-tipping in the UK
  • NATURE: Australia’s peacock spiders dance their way to YouTube fame
  • LANGUAGE CORNER: Talking rubbish
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