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Read On - March 2019

  • UK POLITICS: How did Britain get to Brexit?
  • AROUND THE US: Homelessness in San Francisco
  • TOURISM MARKETING: Going green for St. Patrick’s Day
  • ST PATRICK’S DAY: Buildings and people aren’t the only things turning green
  • QUESTION TIME: What is a limerick ?
  • FOOD AND CULTURE: Chiliheads for charity(+ Übungsmaterial + Audio)
  • ENTERTAINMENT: Charlie Brooker, author of ‘Bandersnatch’ (+ Übungsmaterial + Audio)
  • SUPER EASY: Dressing up pets: cute or cruel?
  • LIFESTYLE: Tidying up with Marie Kondo (+ Übungsmaterial + Audio)
  • CONSUMER SOCIETY: The right to repair comes to Europe
  • ANIMALS: Crowtrax: Vancouver City keeps an eye on its angry birds
  • LANGUAGE CORNER: English idioms and expressions about illness
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