World and Press PREMIUM Dezember 2021

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• OPINION / ROYAL FAMILY: The Queen deserves better from her family (Oral exam practice) • WEIGHT AND MEASURE: Imperial is back in win for metric martyrs (Audio and Listening Comprehension Test) • EDUCATION: University degrees in England are world’s most expensive (Worksheet with reading comprehension) • SOCIETY: Britons, unfazed by high COVID rates, weigh their ‘price of freedom’ (Audio) • NATURE: Calls for visitors to ‘respect’ Snowdon (Audio) • TRANSPORT: Schooners back to the freight run on the Hudson (Audio) • FOOD WASTE: Will consumers find upcycled foods appetizing? (Audio and Listening Comprehension Worksheet and Online Vocabulary Exercise) • SCIENCE: NASA wants to harvest water on moon and Mars (Reading Comprehension Test) • TOYS: German toymaker says goodbye to Merkel with commemorative teddy bear (Speaking Practice) • USEFUL EXPRESSIONS in this issue (December, 2021) • TOPICS in this issue (December, 2021)
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