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  1. World and Press - September 1 2018

    • Opinion: China is finally ending the one-child policy (+ Übungsmaterial)
    • National parks: Mariposa Grove in Yosemite reopened
    • Society: The British pub is reinventing itself
  2. World and Press - August 2 2018

    • Trade: Europe and Asia rush to bolster global structure attacked by Trump
    • Food waste: Americans waste about a quarter of the food they buy
    • Environment: Plastic-eating enzyme hailed as breakthrough in recycling
  3. World and Press - August 1 2018

    • Opinion: Reforming the House of Lords (+ Übungsmaterial)
    • Ireland: Country votes yes to overturning abortion ban
    • Gun control: Gun owners supporting tighter limits on firearms (+ Audio)
  4. World and Press - July 2018

    • Animal welfare: San Francisco bans fur sales (+ Audio, Übungsmaterial)
    • Racism: A memorial dedicated to victims of lynching
    • South Africa: HIV self-testing’s positive impact
  5. World and Press - June 2 2018

    • Wildlife: Fifth of US species at severe risk in ‘extinction tsunami (+Übungsmaterial)
    • Food and Society: How changing tastes are killing German restaurants
    • Britain: Learning to accept risk and the occasional ‘owie’
  6. World and Press - June 1 2018

    • Opinion: #MeToo and the evolution of man (+ Übungsmaterial)
    • Germany: Economic engine fails to power rural regions
    • Social media: Almost no one is making a living on YouTube (+ Audio, Übungsmaterial)
  7. World and Press - May 2 2018

    • Opinion: Screens do not belong in the classroom (+ Übungsmaterial)
    • Climate change: A Louisiana village fights for time (+ Übungsmaterial)
    • Education: Millions of Americans live in higher-education deserts
  8. World and Press - May 1 2018

    • Environment: ‘Plogging’ is making its way to the US (+ Audio)
    • Education: A school teaches lessons on listening
    • Health: UK moves toward making adults presumed organ donors (+ Audio)
  9. World and Press - April 2 2018

    • Religion: Iranian women’s discontent (+ Übungsmaterial)
    • Nature: Saving California’s giant redwoods (+ Übungsmaterial)
    • Knife crime: Gym kit made from confiscated knives (+ Übungsmaterial)
  10. World and Press - April 1 2018

    • Nature: The wolf is on the rise in Europe (+ Übungsmaterial)
    • High schools: Students stop using lockers
    • Technology: Shopping to fit your genes (+ Audio, Übungsmaterial)

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