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  1. World and Press - January 1 2021

    • Success has ruined Airbnb’s hippy dreams (+ Übungsmaterial)
    • Why some Asian Americans are campaigning against affirmative action (+ Übungsmaterial)
    • Britain is getting ready for its space race (+ Audio)
  2. World and Press - December 2020

    • Brexit: Johnson’s push for no deal will harm the country and his party (+ Übungsmaterial)
    • African Americans: Black police chiefs face criticism on all sides
    • Vegeterianism: The wurst is over (+ Audio, Übungsmaterial)
  3. World and Press - November 2 2020

    • Opinion: The COVID-19 crisis is accelerating the breakup of the UK (+ Übungsmaterial)
    • US election: Amid high anxiety, voting systems proved resilient
    • Culture: The British Museum reopens to a world that has changed (+ Übungsmaterial)
  4. World and Press - November 1 2020

    • Labour market: After the pandemic comes the rise of the robots  (+ Übungsmaterial)
    • Brazil: Amazon ‘condemned to destruction’
    • Politics: The world has changed too much to erase the Trump effect
  5. World and Press - October 2 2020

    • Society: Single living doesn’t have to be second best (+ Übungsmaterial)
    • Supreme Court: A conservative court and Trump’s own appointees declare their independence
    • Parliament: New nominations to House of Lords raise old concerns of cronyism (+ Übungsmaterial)
  6. World and Press - October 1 2020

    • Opinion: Don’t be afraid of cancel culture (+ Übungsmaterial)
    • Politics. ‘No one’ protected British democracy from Russia, U.K. report concludes
    • Science: Perseverance rover launches from Florida (+ Übungsmaterial)
  7. World and Press - September 2 2020

    • Opinion: A real and present danger (+ Übungsmaterial)
    • Society: On the future, Americans can agree: it doesn’t look good (+ Übungsmaterial)
    • Politics: Boris Johnson’s ‘Global Britain’: inspired vision or wishful thinking?
  8. World and Press - September 1 2020

    • NATO: Pulling US troops out of Europe is misguided (+ Übungsmaterial)
    • Activism: Footballers rise up to tackle injustice
    • Politics: Donald Trump’s iron grip on the GOP


  9. World and Press - August 2 2020

    • Opinion: American exceptionalism is dead (+ Übungsmaterial)
    • Education: Coronavirus pandemic shines light on deep digital divide in U.S. (+ Übungsmaterial)
    • Social distancing: Landlords call for compromise on two-metre rule
  10. World and Press - August 1 2020

    • Opinion: The danger posed by Brexit (+ Übungsmaterial)
    • Climate change: A human-caused megadrought in the US (+ Audio)
    • Agriculture: Prince Charles wants furloughed workers to pick berries

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