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  1. World and Press - June 2 2020

    • Globalization: Amid the pandemic, a sobering lesson (+ Übungsmaterial)
    • Election 2020: Joe Biden must unify a divided party
    • Health care: British love for NHS could make or break Boris Johnson (+ Übungsmaterial)
  2. World and Press - June 1 2020

    • Trends: Now is when we all learn to darn our socks again (+ Übungsmaterial)
    • Federalism: How US governors are fighting coronavirus – and Donald Trump
    • Politics: Labour has a new leader
  3. World and Press - May 2 2020

    • Climate: Coronavirus shutdowns reduce greenhouse gas emissions – but they may roar back
    • Asian Americans: ‘We’re an afterthought’
    • Health: Report calls time on boozy Westminster culture (+ Phase6-Vokabeltrainer)
  4. World and Press - May 1 2020

    • History / Brexit: Give Iris her body back, Britain (+ Übungsmaterial)
    • Pandemic: To prevent next coronavirus, stop the wildlife trade, conservationists say (+ Übungsmaterial)
    • Business: Cleaning services and a living wage (+ Audio, Übungsmaterial)
  5. World and Press - April 2 2020

    • Politics: How the GOP became the party of the left behind (+ Übungsmaterial)
    • Scotland: Conservationists call for enforceable deer cull (+ Phase6-Vokabeltrainer)
    • Society: One third of Canada’s prisoners are indigenous
  6. World and Press - April 1 2020

    • Brexit: Thanks to the Erasmus programme, my small world grew big (+ Übungsmaterial)
    • History: Native Americans get a stronger voice in the Mayflower story (+ Übungsmaterial)
    • Monarchy: Funding uproar pushes Britain to question Windsor wealth
  7. World and Press - March 2 2020

    • Opinion: The big problem with the American Dream (+ Übungsmaterial)
    • Opioid crisis: In Appalachia, crafting a road to recovery with dulcimer strings (+ Übungsmaterial)
    • Gender: Unemployment may push men into female-dominated industries (+ Übungsmaterial)
  8. World and Press - March 1 2020

    • Politics: Patriotism needn’t be negative  (+ Übungsmaterial)
    • History: Germany, still struggling with its colonial period
    • Military: Overweight, unfit, or shy? The British army still wants you (+ Audio)
  9. World and Press - February 2 2020

    • Social media: The era of the Twitter pile-on (+ Übungsmaterial)
    • Canada: Alberta’s frustration fuels push for independence
    • History: Attack on statue inspired change in New Zealand curriculum (+ Übungsmaterial)
  10. World and Press - February 1 2020

    • Australia: Saving the fire victims who cannot flee
    • Journalism: When the student newspaper is the only daily paper in town
    • Immigrants: What happens if the Supreme Court upholds ending DACA? (+ Übungsmaterial)

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