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  1. World and Press - March 1 2019

    • Opinion: What does it mean to be a ‘real’ American? (+ Übungsmaterial)
    • Elections 2020: Can a female Democratic candidate beat Trump? (+ Übungsmaterial)
    • Military service: The British Army’s new recruiting campaign (+ Audio + Übungsmaterial)
  2. World and Press - February 2 2019

    • Opinion: Ultracheap clothes are costly to society (+ Übungsmaterial)
    • Extremism: The psychology of how someone becomes radicalized
    • Native Americans: A Virginia tribe reclaims its past
  3. World and Press - February 1 2019

    • India: How caste still rules in the country
    • USA: 14 to 17-year-olds lose interest in American football (+ Audio)
    • New Zealand: Auckland’s Pacific Islanders (+ Übungsmaterial)
  4. World and Press - January 2 2019

    • Opinion: A manifesto for the man who would be king (+ Übungsmaterial)
    • Society: A lonely future may lie ahead for ‘elder orphans’ without spouses or children (+ Übungsmaterial)
    • Canada: No cannabis for teenagers
  5. World and Press - January 1 2019

    • Opinion: Americans are staying silent on issues out of fear (+ Übungsmaterial)
    • International relations: For Canada and U.S. ‘that relationship is gone’
    • Racism: Chelsea soccer club has a new way to deal with racist fans (+ Audio)
  6. World and Press - December 2018

    • Opinion: Nationalism has been a dirty word for too long (+ Übungsmaterial)
    • Ireland: Brexit places Irish unification back on the agenda
    • New York: Library lends out briefcases for job interviews (+ Übungsmaterial)
  7. World and Press - November 2 2018

    • Opinion: The so-called sharing economy is hollowing out our cities (+ Übungsmaterial)
    • India: Court ruling sets stage for cultural battle
    • Alcohol: Should MPs be breathalysed before voting?
  8. World and Press - November 1 2018

    • Animal welfare: In Florida, a fight over dog racing
    • Gun control: 3D-printed guns in the US
    • Economy: Britain’s big squeeze
  9. World and Press - October 2 2018

    • Opinion: Fear of eugenics shouldn’t halt gene editing (+ Übungsmaterial)
    • Vaping: Juul e-cigarette devices are popular among US teens (+ Übungsmaterial)
    • Brexit: Who will pick the fruit in future?
  10. World and Press - October 1 2018

    • Opinion: Urban-rural splits have become the great global divider (+ Übungsmaterial)
    • Immigrants: Finding the American dream in Philadelphia (+ Übungsmaterial)
    • Society: If it’s on ‘Love Island’ Britain’s talking about it

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