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  1. Read On - Februar 2018

    2,20 €
    inkl. gesetzl. MwSt.

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    • US politics: President Trump's first year (+Audio)
    • Women's rights: #MeToo - Time Magazine's person of the year
    • Technology: Love in the internet age (+Übungsmaterial +Audio)

  2. Read On - Januar 2018

    • Environment: Our disappearing insects (+ Audio & Übungsmaterial)
    • Royal family: A royal wedding in the spring
    • Australia: Uluru climb banned from 2019 (+ Audio & Übungsmaterial)
    • Animals: Cockatoos attack Australia's broadband
    • Athletics: Sir Mohamed Farah – British sporting hero (+ Audio & Übungsmaterial)
    • Entertainment: ‘13 Reasons Why’ fascinates audiences (+ Audio & Übungsmaterial)
    • Music: Shawn Mendes wins big at MTV Europe Music Awards
    • Question time: What do the British eat with their tea at Christmas?
    • Pollution: Improving London’s dirty air (+ Audio & Übungsmaterial)
    • US society: Teenager brings art to homeless people
    • Language corner: Pleased to meet you!
    • Cartoon: Insects
  3. Read On - Dezember 2017

    2,00 €
    inkl. gesetzl. MwSt.

    Lieferzeit: sofort lieferbar

    • US crime: Americans and their guns (+ Audio & Übungsmaterial)
    • US society: “Taking a knee” – a protest against racism (+ Audio & Übungsmaterial)
    • Entertainment: A new museum for movies and movie-making
    • Question time: How does the royal family celebrate Christmas?
    • Football: Iceland is going to Russia! (+ Audio & Übungsmaterial)
    • Music: Profile: Selena Gomez, pop star and actress (+ Audio & Übungsmaterial)
    • Super easy: Help for teddies at the airport
    • Food and health: Vegan is in – meat is out
    • Nature: Britain’s red squirrels fight back against their grey US cousins
    • Traditions: Christmas tree farming in the USA
    • History: A terrible explosion and a Christmas tree for Boston (+ Audio & Übungsmaterial)
    • Animals: Dog survives California wildfire
    • Cartoon: Americans and their guns

  4. Read On - November 2017

    2,00 €
    inkl. gesetzl. MwSt.

    Lieferzeit: sofort lieferbar

    • Pollution: Plastic bottles – a threat to the environment (+Audio, Übungsmaterial)
    • History: Should the US still celebrate Columbus Day? (+Audio, Übungsmaterial)
    • Round Britain: Creepy Cornwall: Halloween in England’s beautiful Southwest (+Audio, Übungsmaterial)
    • Technology: There is life in space (+Audio, Übungsmaterial)
    • Music: Taylor Swift stands up for women
    • Super easy: No swimming pool for a teenage mermaid
    • Health: Britain gets moving
    • Question Time: What happens to sweets after Halloween?
    • Energy: Solar cars are ready for the road
    • New Zealand: Saving the kiwi (+Audio, Übungsmaterial)
    • Hurricane Harvey: Beware of the alligator!
    • Language corner: How to say English place names

  5. Read On - Oktober 2017

    • Environment: Harvey and Irma – a result of climate change? (mp3 + Übungsmaterial)
    • Technology: Cars: The future is electric (mp3 + Übungsmaterial)
    • Wildlife: Humpback whales are making a comeback (Übungsmaterial + Audio)
  6. Read On - September 2017

    • Technology: Ten years of the iPhone (Übungsmaterial + Audio)
    • Internet: Over a third of UK teenagers are “extreme internet users” (Übungsmaterial + Audio)
    • Environment: World population expected to rise to 8 billion by 2030 (Übungsmaterial + Audio)
  7. Read On - August 2017

    • INTERNET How fake news manipulates and makes money (Übungsmaterial + Audio)
    • BOOKS Harry Potter turns 20 (Übungsmaterial + Audio)
    • AUSTRALIA Koala numbers falling
    • LANGUAGE CORNER Phrasal verbs – to back up and to turn out
  8. Read On - Juli 2017

    • Terrorism: Terror attacks in Manchester and London (Übungsmaterial + Audio)
    • Sport: Boxing's rising star (Übungsmaterial + Audio)
    • Business: These boxes changed the world of shipping forever
    • Language corner: Boxing idioms
  9. Read On - Juni 2017

    • UK politics: Theresa May likely winner of June 8 election (Übungsmaterial + Audio)
    • Music: A new solo direction for Harry Styles (Übungsmaterial + Audio)
    • Internet business: Netflix, the company that changed the way we watch TV (Audio)
    • Language Corner: It suits you!
  10. Read On - Mai 2017

    • Brexit: UK to leave the EU by 2019 (Übungsmaterial + mp3)
    • Music: Ed Sheeran: Boy next door and record-breaking musician (Übungsmaterial + mp3)
    • A safe place for illegal immigrants (mp3)
    • Language corner: Schon' is not always 'already'

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