The general election of 9 June 2017 resulted in a hung Parliament. That means that no party won the 326 seats they need for a majority (Mehrheit) in the House of Commons.

 Here are some fast facts about the election:

  • Conservative Theresa May is still Prime Minister

Theresa May speaking to the press after meeting with the Queen at Buckingham Palace following the election. | Photo: Getty Images


  • She says she won’t step down
  • May says she will form a minority government with Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party: together, the two parties have 328 seats
  • The Labour Party, headed by Jeremy Corbyn, also wants to form a minority government

Jeremy Corbyn celebrating the unexpectedly large number of seats won by his Labour party. | Photo: Getty Images


  • The Conservative party is allowed to try to form a government first, as it was the government in power before the election
  • If the Conservative party cannot form a government by 13 June, May will probably step down, and the Labour party gets to try
  • No matter what happens, Brexit talks are likely to become even more difficult, as now no party has a majority


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