List of performer's at Obama and Trump's inaugurations 

Performances are usually an important part of presidential inaugurations 

Usually, performers see being asked to perform at a presidential inauguration as a big honor. On the left you can see just some of the artists who were happy to read and perform at President Barack Obama's two inaugurations. 

Many stars publicly stated their support for Hillary Clinton and their dislike of Donald Trump during the 2016 election. While celebrities such as Madonna and Jennifer Lopez played at events for Clinton during the campaign, Trump’s supporters were entertained at rallies by lesser-known performers such as Kid Rock and Ted Nugent. This division has extended to the inauguration. Artists such as Elton John, Charlotte Church and Moby have proudly declared that they refused invitations to play the inauguration. 

Trump’s campaign claims that they aren’t bothered by the absence of star performers for the inauguration, saying that it’s not supposed to be Woodstock. Even so … that stage may look a little empty compared to previous inaugurations. Trump’s team still has a week to find anyone else willing to perform.