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  1. Read On - Juni 2017

    • UK politics: Theresa May likely winner of June 8 election (Übungsmaterial + Audio)
    • Music: A new solo direction for Harry Styles (Übungsmaterial + Audio)
    • Internet business: Netflix, the company that changed the way we watch TV (Audio)
    • Language Corner: It suits you!
  2. Read On - Mai 2017

    • Brexit: UK to leave the EU by 2019 (Übungsmaterial + mp3)
    • Music: Ed Sheeran: Boy next door and record-breaking musician (Übungsmaterial + mp3)
    • A safe place for illegal immigrants (mp3)
    • Language corner: Schon' is not always 'already'
  3. Read On - April 2017

    • Third World: Hunger returns to Africa (mp3 + Übungsmaterial)
    • US Politics: President Trump orders building of wall on US-Mexican border (mp3 + Übungsmaterial)
    • Cinema: Lion: A Long Way Home (mp3 + Übungsmaterial)
    • Environment: 2016 was the hottest year on record (Übungsmaterial)
  4. Read On - März 2017

    • US politics: President Trump's immigration ban has many critics - and many supporters
    • Sport: Simone Biles - the greatest US gymnast of all time
    • Driving: More road deaths because of smartphone use
  5. Read On - Februar 2017

    • US society: Homeless in San Francisco (mp3 + worksheet)
    • Entertainment: Benedict Cumberbatch - man of many roles (mp3 + worksheet)
    • UK society: The NHS: Free healthcare for all (mp3 + worksheet)
    • Environment: Antarctica's Ross Sea becomes world's largest Marine Protected Area
  6. Read On - Januar 2017

    • Canada: Trudeau’s new relationship with First Nations – a success? (mp3 + worksheet)
    • UK and Europe: Britons apply for Irish passports after Brexit vote
    • Homelessness: A Street Cat Named Bob – new role as a film star (+ worksheet)
    • Language: How English will sound in 50 years
    • Environment: Billions of paper cups left unrecycled in the UK each year (mp3 + worksheet)
  7. Read On - Dezember 2016

    • US Election: Trump elected U.S. president (Audio + Übungsmaterial)
    • Culture: Nobel Prize for Bob Dylan (Audio + Übungsmaterial)
    • Canada: A warm welcome for William and Kate (Audio + Übungsmaterial)
    • Sport: The perfect job for a football fan? (Audio + Übungsmaterial)
    • Animals: Gorilla escapes at London Zoo (Audio + Übungsmaterial)
  8. Read On - November 2016

    • US Election: Economy, immigration and guns - issues voters care about (Audio + Übungsmaterial)
    • Charity: Zuckerberg and wife aim to cure all diseases by 2100
    • Black history: The new National Museum of African American History & Culture in Washington, D.C. (Audio + Übungsmaterial)
    • YouTube: Making a success out of having fun ( Audio + Übungsmaterial)
  9. Read On - October 2016

    • US society: When the police kill (Black Lives Matter) (Audio + Übungsmaterial)
    • US immigration: Trump promises to build wall and deport criminals 
    • US election: Alice Cooper wants to be elected (Audio + Übungsmaterial)
    • Developing countries: Escaping poverty: Kenya's long-distance runners
  10. Read On - September 2016

    • US Election: Who are the Trump voters? (Audio + Übungsmaterial)
    • Technology: Pokémon Go - the new gaming sensation (Audio + Übungsmaterial)
    • British history: The Mary Rose, Henry VIII's flagship, on view at last (Audio + Übungsmaterial)

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